Deciding to sell a home or property can often be an intimidating experience. Multiple questions begin coming to mind that require precise and accurate answers. When is the best time to sell? How much is my property worth? Why am I selling in the first place?

Before even considering the prospect of placing your property on the market, take the time to clarify your motivations. Develop a plan of action along with an estimated timeframe for the selling process. The real estate professionals from Grant-Murray Homes helps thousands of homeowners throughout the Sandhills and Fort Bragg areas to navigate these complex challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

Why am I selling?

The answer to this question may seem obvious, but it is very important to itemize your specific intentions before entering the selling process. Are you looking to downsize or upgrade? Do you plan to relocate to a preferred residential neighborhood? Or are you perhaps relocating out-of-state? Are schools important to you? What about the nearby recreational activities and other lifestyle amenities? Being clear about your intentions helps the Grant-Murray team to sell your property faster, at the optimum price, and with as little stress as possible for you and your family.

When is the best time to sell?

Identifying the best time to sell depends on the unique personal and professional circumstances of the sellers. In situations where a quick relocation is needed, such as with a new employment opportunity, Grant-Murray Homes can expedite the entire selling process. We will provide a complete market analysis and assist you in determining a detailed plan of action designed to meet your specific objects. If there is no urgent need to sell, our team of expert real estate agents will review current market conditions and identify the best time to sell.

What is my home worth?

Believe it or not, the worth of your home is not based on your monthly mortgage payment, how long you’ve lived there, or the thousands of wonderful life memories that have taken place within its walls. The selling price of your home depends on a combination of specific factors, including location, curb appeal, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and its school district. Even the quality of the kitchen appliances come into play. Grant-Murray Homes assists home sellers in determining a realistic asking price by compiling a current market analysis based on recent selling prices of similar properties in your area.

What is the current sellers’ market for real estate in Fayetteville, NC, and surrounding areas?

When you choose to work with Grant-Murray Homes, you gain the immediate benefits of our combined decades of sales experience, expertise, and negotiation skills in the real estate industry. With our vast knowledge of residential and commercial real estate financing, including VA loans for active and veteran military families, we help North Carolina homeowners and investors identify the best time and price to sell your property. Whether your home is located in Fayetteville or in the outskirts of Harnett County, we’ll help you take control of the selling process while maximizing your financial potential.